Self-Love Coaching

 YOU are loved. And, you have the capability to love yourself

It is already within you even though it might feel like you need to bring it in from the outside. I am here to hold space for you to re-align with that inner-knowing. I am so glad that you are here. 

I am a certified life-coach and healing practitioner. I hold space for people to realign with a self love and inner harmony inside of them using a variety of transformational tools sprinkled with spirituality. 

My integrated coaching and healing approach allows you to reconnect with the parts of yourself that need extra love and support. I provide space to release the feelings of shame, self-doubt and self-critique that have built up over a lifetime. I give space to feel and, maybe for the first time, identify where in your body these emotions have been stored.  I provide a safe container for you to connect with and offer healing and reparenting to your own inner child. I empower you to self-forgive and shift to a place where self-compassion is freely accepted and felt deeply rather than just existing as a nice idea on our “should” lists. 

My wish for you is that through our time together, you might also find similar value in giving yourself the self-care time to connect with yourself and your needs. You might also learn to connect more deeply with your true-self and learn to trust that voice more freely. As a result of connecting to yourself, you might more freely bring in self-love. You might also experience a sensation of strength, clarity, certainty and confidence. 

Maybe you experience self-doubt. Maybe you experience worry. Maybe you find yourself over-giving and people pleasing. Maybe you long to feel validated and worthy. As a coach and healing practitioner, I fully see you. I deeply hear you. You are not broken and  you do not need to be fixed. I meet you in a space of connection and creativity for a conversation that allows for energy and emotions to shift and pass through so that you more fully inhabit the knowing that is already inside of you. I do not provide answers. I provide gentle and consistent support  guided from a space built from my own journey to allow in self-love and inner harmony. 

You can read more about me here.