Frequently Asked Questions

What is a coach and what is a healing practitioner?

The International Coaching Federation (ICF) defines coaching as the following: “Coaching is partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.” 

Coaching isn’t consulting. It isn’t mentoring. It isn’t therapy. Coaches are not aimed to fix you. Coaches don’t give advice or have agendas. Coaches know that the client is the expert in their life and that they have all their own answers. Coaches support and uplift clients to live out their truth for themselves. 

Healing practitioner is a broad term used to describe a person using a wide variety of modalities to help people heal their heart and pain. Some healing practitioners might use touch (e.g. Reiki), but I do not.  Some modalities I use include raising awareness to the energies and emotions in the body, visualizations, grounding, centering, creative meditations, and using empowerment statements to shift energy blocks, giving voice to your inner knowing and bringing in self-love. 

What do you offer?

I offer a hybrid or mesh of healing techniques and coaching in what I call Self-love and Parent coaching. 

Self-love and Parent coaching is a coaching style intended to support you to get to a space where you feel a deeper and more loving connection to your children (or others) and also have more compassion and forgiveness for yourself. Self-love and parent coaching gets you to a space where you feel inner peace and confidence with your parenting and life choices. It helps you let go of feelings of doubt, shame and guilt.  In self-love and parent coaching, we explore blocks that might be dampening the volume of your inner knowing so that you feel more clear and confident. We use self-love as healing for you to loosen those blocks. You learn to offer support to yourself the way a parent would offer to a child. You learn to re-parent and heal your own inner child. 

 My packages can be found here.

Do I need to be a parent?

No. You do not need a parent to participate in these sessions. We all have inner-children within us that need healing, support or re-parenting which is why I include it in the name of my offering. 

You might also be a parent. Although parenting issues might come up for you, they might not be the focus every session. This is ok and totally normal. You might find a shift in your relationship with your children even if we don’t discuss them specifically in sessions. 

What will we do?

Some sessions might feel more coaching based and others might feel more healing based. Coaching and healing techniques can be used to examine old energy patterns and open space to bring in self-compassion, self- forgiveness and self-love. We may use meditation, grounding, centering, visualization, empowering questions, inner child work, collaborative conversations, and exploring emotional and energy blocks during our sessions to find and bring voice to your inner knowing. A sense of spirituality and trust (however it looks for you) is sprinkled throughout the sessions. 

How do I book a session?

I work with people who are committed to deep, long lasting work, so my services are offered in multi-session packages which you can schedule at your convenience. You can purchase packages here

I know big feelings can come up when considering commitment to something new, so I offer 3 session packages so you can try out coaching with me without the overwhelm. This package can be repeated for continued work. The 9 session package comes with additional check-ins so you feel more supported on your longer, committed journey.

You can book at the cadence that feels best for you (once a week, every other week etc.), but please do not let longer than one month go between sessions in order to maximize your benefits. Waiting longer than a month between sessions could result in more of our time being spent on catch up and you experiencing less regular releases. For more intensive or initial work, I recommend booking 3 weeks in a row and leaving 1 week for integration before your next session. For ongoing, regular work, I recommend booking every other week. Your consent is important to me, so let’s talk more if a different timing is calling to you. 

Payment plans are available. 

How many sessions do I need?

As many as you feel benefit you. With consistency, more results are experienced. I am not to say how many sessions you need to feel supported. You know this for yourself or it will become clear for you either during or outside of our sessions. Based on my own and my acquired experience, I recommend starting with 9 sessions  to build momentum and start to feel the lasting effects of integration more noticeably. Although you might start to experience shifts in a shorter amount of time, 9 sessions (around 3 months)  is a good amount of time to feel the shifts settle in and take a more permanent hold in your relationship with yourself. 

Maybe you want to try it out before diving in. Or, maybe you want to start regular on-going sessions. I am open to how the timing works best for you, however, I bill in 3 or 9 session packages so we have a natural check-in to discuss the continuation or cessation of our work together. 

Payment plans are available. Consent is important to me, so I only feel comfortable if we both feel comfortable with our commitment to each other. 

Sessions from packages are intended to be used fairly close together, so that we eliminate the feeling of needing to “catch up” or “start over,” but I also offer flexibility so that timing feels manageable for you. You can find package descriptions and intentions here

Please contact me if you have questions or thoughts.

Is it like therapy?

No. I love therapy. But, I am not a therapist and my work is not therapy. My work can be a wonderful complement to traditional therapy, but in no means replaces the work of a licensed therapist. I do not offer advice or hold your answers. Our work together helps you get to your own answers. 

Along that note, coaching is not to be used as a substitute for professional advice on financial, business or medical matters either. 

Where do we meet?

We will meet online with Google Meet. You do not need a Google account to participate. 

How do I change my appointment time or day and book my other sessions?

Once you have made a purchase and booked your first appointment, you can book more session times or change your existing appointment times or days here or with the link provided in your confirmation email or receipt via Paperbell.  If you need to change your appointment within 24 hours of your scheduled time, please contact me directly. 

Please note that missed sessions or no-shows are billed at the full session rate.

Can I sponsor someone or buy a gift certificate for someone else?

YES! First of all, how thoughtful! Your generosity could really help someone! Please know that any information resulting from the sessions that you give, including the timing, occurrence or content of sessions will not be given to any financial sponsors. As a sponsor, you are welcome to ask the client any questions you like but the client is not bound to provide any information. They can provide whatever feels best to them.  

Please contact me directly to set up the sponsorship or gift certificate.