About Me

Hi! My name is Beth Harmon. Not the chess master from the Queen’s Gambit, but me, Beth Harmon. I know nothing about chess, but I can relate to that expert chess feeling of being in the flow. 

I am a person who has a huge curiosity about and passion for self-growth, self-understanding and self-love. My own journey in self-love started in my 20’s when I decided to have a crush on myself. Looking back, I thought having a crush on myself was about buying myself flowers and other nice things. But, I discovered along the way that it was really about getting to know myself,  listening to myself, and trusting my needs and wants. 

It was in my 30’s when I started receiving healings, that I started noticing huge transformational changes within myself. I learned to be ok being spiritual without boundaries, learned to hear my inner knowing again and I started to understand and feel worthy of self-love.  I started to see old blocks and wounds for what they were and noticed how they played into my day to day interactions. I started releasing those wounds from being enmeshed with my understanding of  my true essence. My anxiety chilled out some and I started seeing myself as someone deserving of self-love and self-forgiveness. 

Then, when I first became a parent, healings came up even more quickly and clearly.  In times of stress, I heard my old wounds come out in frustrations with my children. The more work I did to release my hurt and shame, the more I was able to recognize when my wounds came up in my interactions with my own children in our own day to day. The most frequent example was when my children, as typical toddlers do, would ignore me. When this happened, I would notice this place in my stomach tighten sharply. It was more than just an annoyance or an eye roll, it was my inner child feeling ignored in desperate need of guidance and love. Even just in noticing my own wounds and my inner child, the shame shifted some. With time and practice, I was able to trust myself and choose my words with my children more consciously rather than feeling like a terrible mother, constantly beating myself up and turning to outsiders for expertise. With the healings, I was able to repair connections faster, hold myself accountable for my actions,  and remove my own needs so I could better see and meet the needs of my children.
As part of my journey, I found myself following a gentle pull to become a life coach shortly after my first child was born. At first, I didn’t listen and went back to work as a speech therapist. But, because the nudge was persistent, that work quickly shifted into work as a Social Coach at a progressive charter school in California. When our second child came into our lives a few years later, I actively followed the call with certainty to become a certified life-coach. 

Now, I am an iPEC Certified Professional Coach, which means I obtained my coaching certification from the ICF accredited program iPEC. I am also a Healing Practitioner trained in The Self-LOVE Process ® with Christen Daniel LLC. I also hold a certification as a HeartMath Coach/Mentor and I am Reiki Level 1 certified. With those tools combined, my offering is grounded in self-love and healing.  I coach to allow in  self-compassion, self- forgiveness, reconnection to your intuition, and healing with your inner child. 

The offering I give is one that I have received and learned across multiple modalities. This growth, in relation to myself, impacts all areas of my life. The process of exploring the timeline of my life, offering self-compassion and self-love in the areas that feel wounded has brought me closer to my truth and has made my true voice stronger and louder. I am more fully aware of my energy, my energetic patterns and I have created safety for my energy to come home to my body. Because of this, I experience anxiety less frequently and I recover from worry more quickly. I put myself out in the world more boldly and confidently than I ever thought was possible. I more fully inhabit my true self. 

Using a gentle, co-creative approach immersed in connection and self-forgiveness, I hold space for people to shift emotion and energy. I guide people to deeply discover and connect with  their truth. I also provide people with the self-care time to reflect on and dissolve false self-beliefs, to find their true voice, and to bring in self-love and self-compassion. 

I hold a special place in my heart for coaching parents. I have 15 years experience working collaboratively with parents in providing speech therapy services to their children. I am also a parent, so I am on the ground doing this work too. I truly believe that each parent-child relationship is unique and that each parent can find their own answers when given a loving, supportive space to explore them. I hold space for people to converse with and provide healing to their own inner child so that they can gain clarity around their own parenting choices, communication and relationship with others. Having said that, you do not need to be a parent for us to work together. We all have inner-children within us that need healing, support or re-parenting.

I am also a licensed Speech-Language Pathologist. I have a Master’s degree from Boston University in the Speech Language and Hearing Sciences and 15 years of experience. For a long time, I helped  kids who did not communicate with verbal language to find their voices using alternative methods. I also helped kids using all communication modalities increase their awareness around how they communicated socially and helped them to learn self-regulation tools. I used a lot of patience, creativity and flexibility in those workings. If you are interested, here is some of my prior work.

I currently reside with my family on the ancestral and occupied lands of Nonantum of the Indigenous Massachusett people, whose name was appropriated by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. I commit to being LGBTQIA2S+ affirming and anti-racist in my personal and professional life. My pronouns are she/her/hers.
Thank you for taking the time to find out more about me! I am really looking forward to getting to know you too.