Here are some select stories from my Space to Enjoy newsletter on Substack

Space to Enjoy is a collection of vulnerable writings offered in the name of self-healing, connection and my windy road to inner harmony.  When I write, I find myself coming home to a mantra that carried me through some challenging times in my life: Everything is exactly as is. There is space to enjoy it. I write in an openness that you also come home to your mantra and space to enjoy. 


Oct 28, 2023

I'm going dull.

Back in the spring, I read a post by my dear life coach friend, Jenn Schindel, called Going Gray in Plain Sight. It pinged something in me, but not for the gray reasons. I had been reconciling with my changing larger body through my work unraveling die... (Link)

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May 19, 2023

This is me sharing my broken space.

Today, I broke. I really thought I knew better than to be back in this place. I’ve done so much time and put in so much work and money into my self-improvement and healing. I’ve been consistent with therapy, I’ve read books, I’ve done my own healing, I... (Link)

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