These testimonials are intended to provide genuine insights from individual experiences working with me. They are not intended to guarantee outcomes.

"I have worked with Beth for over two years. She has helped me resolve practical matters (should I change careers) and emotional matters (I'm afraid I'm not meeting both of my kids' needs equally). 

I have loved Beth's approach and guidance in resolving my own fears or wounds so that I might know myself better and be at peace with my decisions. Being able to heal the often subconscious messages I tell myself allows me to feel more grounded in who I am and the decisions I make. I know I can be kind to others without giving too much of myself. 

I'm so grateful for Beth coming into my life and all the gifts she's given me. So much of her wisdom has allowed me to love myself and others more genuinely." 
-Kelley Blalock
"Beth Harmon truly knows how to help me see my true self.  She helped me talk to my inner child, heal my inner child, and talk to my higher self, all while feeling comfortable and at ease.  I was so worried I would feel out of place in these sessions but … I was able to confidently love myself, feel content in my inner child healing, and begin work towards my higher self.  THANK YOU BETH!!!  I could not recommend her more :)"
"Working with Beth is such a gift. Her approach as a coach and healing practitioner provided a truly unique space for me to illuminate and tend to areas where I felt "stuck" (in parenting and in work) in a supported way that allowed me to really lean into my healing and growth areas. Beth is so skilled at integrating healing practices into her coaching in a way that was so attentive to my needs and where I was at. Her deep intuition combined with her capacity to hold space for whatever comes up in a given moment allowed me to feel truly held and free to explore tender areas that opened up so much healing and allowed me to be so much more grounded in how I was showing up in my life. Beth brings absolute joy and intention to her work, it is with gratitude and joy that I highly recommend her work!"

Jenn Schindel, PhD
Founder Unbecoming Coaching + Consulting + Storytelling
"Beth’s best qualities are her ability to really feel what someone is saying and use her intuition to determine the exercises and questions needed to create a deeper self awareness.  I enjoyed the visioning exercises and found them to be helpful and achieved what I needed them to. "

-Sarah S.
I came to Beth for a coaching space to explore different challenges, including family dynamics and my relationship with work. Beth offers a space to be intuitive and guided to connecting to a higher version of ourselves. This was a meaningful way to be in a grounded, present, and spiritual space. 

It worked really well for me when we did the healing exercises. I'd close my eyes and she would ask different questions and create a space that felt calm, focused, and intuitive in a way that I hadn't been coached before. This was really effective for me to center myself and explore root causes that were coming up for me. 

Beth is intuitive, she is empathetic, and she is caring. I think all of these qualities allow for someone to quickly and easily feel comfortable opening up and sharing what is coming up for them in their lives. She is a wonderful coach, genuinely.